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Adesh Polytechnic Collge Muktsar won the OVERALL TROPHY in ADESH CULTURAL FEST 2018
ADESH POLYTECHNIC COLLEGE is OVER ALL WINNER IN 1st Athletic Meet ogf ADESH GROUP held in institute on 22nd March,2018


The chairman belongs to an illustrious lineage, his great grand father S. Gurdit Singh Dhotti was an educationist and an social reformer. Sardar Dhotti was the founder of a large number of premier educational institutions including the great Khalsa College of Amritsar. Dr. Gill's grand father was a British Medical Officer and served in Malaysia. He was a great humanist Sikh scholar. Dr. Gill's father retired as Director, National Savings, Govt. of India

Dr. Gill obtained his M.B.B.S. degree from Government Medical College, Patiala in 1974 and MD (Internal Medicine) in 1978 from the same college. He qualified for practice in U.S.A. by passing ECFMG examination from Houston University and had Senior Residency and Research Fellowship under Dr. P. N. Chattani at PGI, Chandigarh.

Dr. Gill practised medicine from 1980 to 1996 and established his own hospital Adesh Hospital and Research Centre at Muktsar in 1991. In the hospital he started few paramedical courses and in 1994 established Adesh Polytechnic. At present Dr. Gill is heading a large number of institutions under Adesh Group Banner.

Dr. Gill combines in him several positive traits of Personality & Character, which have made him a highly successful medical professional, an entrepreneur and a visionary. Within a short span of about 12 years and at a comparatively young age of 50 years, Dr. Gill has been able to set up a large number of first rate educational institutions as indicated elsewhere in the brochure. He is highly dynamic, motivated and a committed planner and executioner. To add to all this he is devout follower of his religion and is a scholar steeped in Sikh scripture.

By the grace of Almighty Adesh Polytechnic College, came into existence on Muktsar - Ferozepur Road near Village Marhmallu in July 1991 as Collage of Pharmacy & Engg. Diploma level courses were later added in 1994.

For the development of youth in this backward area of malwa belt of Punjab, this institute imparts diploma level training & technical education in Electronics & Communication Engg., Computer Engg., Mechanical Engg., Electrical Engg., Automobile Engg., Information Technology and Pharmacy. The first batch completed its diploma in 1993. Seventeen Batches of our Students have completed their diplomas till date.

The main aim of our institution is to provide quality education to the student and inspiring them to develop their abilities to full in all spheres of life.

We seek your good wishes and co-operation in this noble and humanitarian cause.

Dr.H.S. Gill

Dear Students and Parents,

The two very important aims of professional education, as seen from the point of view of a prospective student for his/her parents is firstly the acquisition of the necessary knowledge of the professional domain and obtaining a certification of the same, and secondly developing onself into an emotionally mature, poised, intelligent, well groomed, value driven and high performing professional, capable of taking up the career challenges in a globally competitive market place. The students and parents when confronted with the issue of choosing an institution or a course of professional study immediately experience a dilemma, for want of a lot of information, to arrive of a well considered decision to commit to a specific branch of discipline. We have already placed in your hands the information brochure of our institutions giving you all the relevant information abour courses, eligibility, credentials, placements and admission procedures, pertaining to our group of institutions. However, we feel a good Career Counseling guide will be very useful for the purpose of providing the information about the prospects and opportunities related to each branch of study, its future scope of viability, which will help the students to clarify and crystalize their thinking and arrive at a well considered decision. There is a huge demand of competent entry level professionals with the right education and appropriate skills. However, the institutions positioned to offer judicious mix of theoretical and experimental learning with holistic development are few and therefore the choice is limited in reality. Likewise the students knowing exactly what they want to do in life is also few the lucky once... .! or shall we say the informed ones... .!! Many have little idea as to what their future holds for them and that they are in good company. Sporting blue jeans and collarless shirts suddenly the young generation is called upon to make major life choices, just in their mind teens. Naturally the choices can go wrong without correct information and guidance. Therefore I welcome young aspiring students of the country and urge them to place faith in Adesh Group of Institutions, where we not only provide quality education to those who study in our institutes but also help in transforming careers of millions of those who are attached with us. With best regards and best wishes for success in your career endeavors.

Er. Gurfateh Singh Gill
B.Tech, MBA
Director (Technical Wing)
Adesh Group

In this age of science & technology, the conventional education does not prepare the youth to face bigger challenges in life. It is an age in which new discoveries in various fields of science & technology have been made all over the world. Since Independence, India has bee exploring her agriculture and nature resources. This process has reached a saturation point. In such a paradox the country can not depend upon the agriculture production and nature situation of resources alone. The Indian youth has to be motivated to develop a scientific outlook based on latest technology. In certain developed countries of the world, the use of Computer & Electronics gadgets has become a way of life even for an ordinary man while the Indian youth still grasps in the dark and looks around for career guidance.

Punjab, the land of five rivers, is cradle of several revolutions in the field of agriculture/production & dairy development. There is a dire need for yet another revolution in Technical Education. With the expansion of Industries, there would be a great demand for technical skilled manpower. Hence, the need for such technical institutes in the rural areas.

With the above considerations, Adesh Polytechnic has been setup to impart technical education in this serene and sleepy area of Muktsar District which has so far been deprived of such facilities as are available in big cities of India. It is indeed a bold venture on the part of management, Adesh Educational Society to deliver quality education with balanced approach to theoretical and practical learning. The ambiance that the institution provides will help students to develop their full potential with balanced approach to theoretical and practical learning and will help to mature into fully functional and responsible members of the society.

On behalf of teaching and non-teaching staff of the Institute, I assure you to provide healthy environment for studies and the required inputs for all round development of the students.

Er. Chander Parkash


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